Monday, 23 February 2015

Drugstore everyday essesntials

I am in desperate need of makeup. I have just finished my Nars sheer glow foundation and im absolutly gutted! Im litterally scraping it out the bottle with a cotton bud! Whats even more depressing i dont really have the money right now to replace it :( meeeeh.

However i did pop down to boots today and just bought some everyday makeup bits that i desperatly needed. I bought the Maybelline Fit me foundation, which i used to use before i had the wonderfull Nars foundation. I use the shade 120 and its not too cloggy, it very natural and spreads nicely.

I also got a liquid eye liner, one that is my absolute favourite and that is the Collection extreme 24 hour felt tip liner. It is the best eye liner i have ever used, i just dont get on with the liquid eyeliner brushes. This is just like a felt tip and you can just wack it on with no faff.

I also purchased the Collection lasting perfection concealer. I bought a very light shade ( no1 fair ) so i can use it to high light certain areas of my face. I havent actually tried this product yet so we shall see how i get on .... :)

I have also been on the hunt for a natural eye pallette, with your golds and browns etc. I would love to be able to get the Naked pallettes because they have some beautiful colours but i will just have to stick to drugstore pallettes for now. I come across this tiny pallette by Collection....

This has all the colours i like to use daily and this was only £ 2.99!!! Bargainnnnn! 

So yeah, not alot to show really, just some day to day bits :)

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Having all the money in the world

Life is so repetative. I get up ( feeling knackered) I go to work, get home, im too tired to make anything half decent to eat so i just bung some pasta on ( i will eat healthy one day ) and then soon go to bed. Ughhh.

The thing is, nothing will ever change that. You litterally work to live, but you dont get a chance to live because there is 1 million and one things you have to put before yourself. Okay so i dont think everyone will feel this way, im just in one of them fed up moods because its raining outside and im just feeling super tired ahaaa! Im having a rant sesh :)

I just want money so i can treat myself to nice things now and again! I want nice makeup and clothes and weekends away. I know money doesnt give you complete happiness but to treat yourself now and again is harmless, we all need it.

I feel like these days young people just dont have the same chances as to what young people did way back in the days. You cant buy a house because it way way way too expensive, running a car doesnt come too cheap either. But without these things you dont have freedom.

This year i have prioritised moving out. Renting of course, with myboyfriend because we need our own space, its just so unfair that we have to graft and save every month.

But however hard it will be, its going to be worth it. Even though there will be no holidays this year, it will be worth it.

Plus... ive almost paid my car off :D my stepdad lent me the money, bless him and i have been paying him back monthly. If you know me i HATE owing money so ive tried soooooo hard to save as much as i can over a year and a half. Almost there, massive acheivement for me, so okay i do admit saving your money and feeling good about it, makes you feel amazing.

I just would love to win the lottery, please. So i can treat my loved ones and myself, go on holidays and not worry about how much you have spent. Also i would love love love to help the homeless. And buy a nice cute house somewhere.

That would be lovely!

Char ♡

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Belly blitz | review

I bought Charlotte Crosbys fitness dvd the other week purely the fact at how much weight she has lost and how toned she is now! I looked through magazines like HOW?? WHAT?? WHEN?? she seemed to do it all very quickly so i purchased her dvd. 

Its actually really good! I recently quit the gym ( ohhps ) and i just wanted something i could do quick and motivating so i wouldnt get bored.

The dvd is divided into 12 sections with a warm up and a cool down. The 12 different sections focus on different things ( all fat burning ) and are each three minutes long so you dont get bored because your constantly changing the routine. It tires you out and there are parts i cant quite manage yet but there is an easy option aswell so you dont push your self too hard!

If you want to focus more on blitzing your bellt then there is an extra ab section aswell! Charlotte does this routine at least 4 x a week but i have been doing it on my day off once a week and have noticed more of a difference then me just going to the gym and using the cross trainer for 45 minutes!

100% reccomend!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Hairdressing | My work

I am indeed a hairdresser, i have been hairdressing for almost 4 and 1/2 years. I started when i was 16 soon to be 17 after realising six form wasnt for me. My mums a hairdresser and my nan once did for a while, so when i was young i was surrounded by it as my mum worked at home.

I think hairdressing is very 'down graded' as i would say. People look at it as a job for ' thick people' or people who ' didnt get gcse's '. I think their wrong, us hairdressers dont just sweep hair, drink tea and chat all day!

We go to work and change peoples appearence (  which is a big deal ), whether its a restyle, a colour change or even just a maintanace cut, we are there to help and advice clients on what suits them and how to look after their hair. Some clients just love coming to the salon to talk about personal problems which then can feel like a counseling session as well, we are there to listen and make the clients feel 100 times better then when they walked in. Its rewarding, loads of fun ( especially when the client is up for anything ) and challenging ( which is great because it pushes you out of comfort zones ).

We arent just thick people who do nothing with our day, our job requires skill, creativity and loads of knowledge.

I thought i would show you some of my recent work, just so you have a little insite into what i do everyday :)

I have recently started my level 3 nvq ( more experienced course in hairdressing ) which involves a lot of up do's. I dont specialise in hair up, these are just a few that i have done for assessments and generally just practacing and experimenting.



Check out my salons instagram for more pictures of all of our work:

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Januarys Favourites

Januarys nearly come to an end so i am going to share a few of my ' January ' favourites :)

Also just to add, the photos below are all taken from google images :) ( they give a much clearer image than my phone!

Bobbi brown shimmer brick: This has lasted me a whole year! Its amazing, its a bronzer, blush and highlighter all in one! It's almost running out so i need to stock up soon, i have been using it loads recently to give my face an extra glow.

Zoella makeup bag: I got this for christmas and its been perfect to take out in my handbag, recently i have been using it to keep my makeup brushes seperate from my makeup. Its a really nice size ( and colour! ) and yeaaaah im loving it :)

Sunkissed self moose tan: I only bought this a few days ago but i am absolutly loving it! Its super cheap, i think it was like £3.99 and if you exfoliate right then this goes on a treat! It doesnt send you orange either! :)

Baptiste dry shampoo:  LOVE these! I dont think i can live without it! Roots feeling a bit greasy? This is perfect, and they do a brown tinted one so it doesnt come out too white!( only for brunettes of course ;) ) Great for adding volume too!!

Redken antisnap: Here it is again! Yes this a never ending favourite product because its just soooooooo good :) Since bleaching my hair alot i have been using this loads lately! 

Ghost perfume: Another christmas present! Smella really nice! I use it as a day to day perfume, the smell lasts really well! I do struggle to find perfumes that keep there scent and i definitley reccomend this one!

Barbara daly lip liner: Loving lip liner at the minute. This is a really natural pink and doesnt give you the false lip look. Its just nice to outline your lips and apply a nude lipstick without going overboard. 

So these are my January Favourites

Whats yours?

Char ♡

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sweat it out


I have soooo many things that get me sweaty! and by sweaty i mean 'gritting my teeth because im getting annoyed' kind of sweaty! Everyone has things that just get right on their tits and im going to share a few of mine.... it would be good to know if im not the only one with these sweats!


No1) when cars drive really close behind me ( especially when there is an opportunity to overtake ). It just bugs me, i just think their not going to get anywhere quicker by driving right up my bum, it also makes me feel quite anxious at times like i should drive faster even when i dont feel comfortable.

No2) when people talk really loud in restaurants for example " oh em gee that boy at the weekend was so checking me out, i think it was that new dress i wore, it was like 200 pounds "... im sorry but nobody really cares and i just feel like people do it to belittle people and be like " listen to how great my life is "

No3) people complaining in a restaurant, this women the other day was moaning to her husband at how discusting her glass was and how dirty it was and how she felt there was not enough meat on her plate, really shouting out loud but as soon as a waitress came over she was like " yeaaah really nice thankyou" huuuuh!?!? Ive experienced this alot and i just dont understand why people dont say if they arent happy, dont shout out about it and then be like " yeaaah it was lovely " .... okay i do have a moan sometimes in restaurants and never say anything but thats usually because its petty and not a huge deal and i definatly dont rant out loud so everyone can hear haha!

No4) when your shopping and your in a bit of a rush runnng around and someone just stops right in your way and decides to walk 10mph and your like " !?!?!?!?!?!? " aghhhh i really hate it when people just form a mothers meeting right in the middle of the walkway, there are much better places to do that im in a rush!

No5) when boys limp. Okay if you do have problems walking thats fine, no problem. Im talking the little gangsters that walk around. With a limp. Sorry but i just dont understand, am i missing something, does it make you look badman?

No6) This one is actually by not making the right choice. I wake up and think hmm yeah my hairs not too bad today i dont need to wash it try and do somthing with it for half an hour. 5 minutes before leaving for work im like " :/ " still havent managed to do something with it because i have now realised it was actually quite greasy and i just really want to wash it but i cant because im late and my day is now ruined because my hair looks crap. Why do i never learn to just wash it and save the bad hair day.

No7) when kids are being extremely naughty and their parents say in a really calm soppy voice " please stop that " ... they wont listen to you! If your child is spitting, throwing objects, screaming really loud or swering, they need to be told properly. They never listen. I just feel to tell them myself sometimes aha! Im no expert at parenting skills but i do believe there is a certain tone to tell your child off and its not in a really happy soft, soppy voice.


No8) okay so where i live there is a nandos, and the parking isnt great. Theres very few spaces and you just drive around and around and around loooking and hoping someone will leave. There is like you and two other cars driving around and someone leaves. BUT the person in front of you gets the space! REALLY? all i want is a nandos and its so frustrating not being able to park. Please can we have another nandos in northamoton? With a car park? A big one!

So they are my recent sweats! I dont want to offend anyone who does create mothers meeting in the middle of walkways or who drives up peoples bums or if you talk about your life out loud in restaurants, these are just my personal sweats, things that rattle my patience or annoy me. They normally annoy me most when im in a bad mood otherwise i can just ignore them :)

What do you sweat about?

Char ♡

Friday, 23 January 2015

GIRL ONLINE | book review

This is a short post about the book Girl Online by Zoe Sugg ( zoella). I dont know if any of you have read it but i was actually really impressed! Not that i didnt think i would be, but i find books difficult to read i need to be interested within the first few pages and well i barely put it down. Infact it only took me 2 days to read which is good for me! Its a really good storyline and towards the end it shocked me! Its very cleaverly written :) A very good read! If you want something quite easy to get into and quite easy to follow then this is your book! I am hoping there is going to be another actually that can follow on, that would be interesting :)

Im very fond of zoe and her videos on youtube and its nice to see her progress and acheive things she never thought she could, her beauty range is great too! I got a few goodies of hers for christmas such as the bath fizz bar, really nice! :D

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
Char ♡